Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life drawings from Dr. Sketchy's

Life drawing is fun. When I was in school I took as many life drawing classes as I could, and I was sore after I graduated that there were no life drawing sessions anywhere in Savannah. But now we have Dr. Sketchy's, a mix of Burlesque and life drawing, which turns out to be an interesting experience. The models are costumed, so there are usually different themes for each session. This month we had a tikki theme, definitely appropriate for December. Its run by Jen Marlow, and any locals should come check it out. Its a lot of fun.

Here's some drawings from the last two sessions.

Models: Image 1 - Nicole Edge. Images 2-5 Scarlett

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Art!

I've got a bigger update coming within the next few days, but for right now I wanted to upload a poster I did for a good friend's wedding. This was done entirely in Illustrator and it was my first real attempt to learn vector illustration.